The Wish Experience

Telling your story

Every one is different and has their own story to tell...and that's what we want to know about you! Our lovely bookings team will help to find the best time for you to attend your photo session as well as talking you through the whole experience and understanding exactly what it is you are looking to achieve..after all, it's about you.

Your photographer will call you before your session to create a session plan and get to know you a little better. They will help with ideas around clothing and what colours work well as well as any personalised items you can bring from home to help you create some beautiful memories!

Your Photoshoot

Our team of lovely photographers will give you the best experience possible whilst making you feel right at home. We know not everyone likes having their photos taken...but we are always being told just how much fun was had in our studio so just enjoy!

We want you to feel as relaxed as possible whilst having the most fun! Our sessions typically last an hour enabling us to capture a wide variety of different combinations and lighting styles. Ending in some gorgeous images on your beautiful walls! Your photoshoot is just that - about you! We love to see what personal and sentimental possessions you bring in for us to capture and you to treasure!

Creative design

After your photo session, we will work tirelessly to create a stunning show for you to come back and see. It is often underestimated just how much time goes into making this so personal for you.

Your photographer will go through your images, editing, designing and retouching them so they are shown to you in the best way possible.

Your Personalised Viewing

We will invite you back for your personalised viewing a few days after your session. Your images will be displayed on our beautiful screen set to some lovely music giving you the chance to relax and enjoy the show.

We will be on hand to help and guide you through selecting your favourite images. Our software will allow you to really visualise what your images will look like in your own home. Your previewer will also be able to help advice on framing options and finishes to suit your home and your budget. You can then leave the rest to us.

Completing Your Story

Your beautiful portraits are going to be with you for the rest of your life. They will capture the moments of today that will wow your hearts for the many years to come.